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  One sunny day, Becca and Vicki get together for a little afternoon delight. Friends for most of their adult lives, they feel very comfortable together, and enjoy sharing one of their common interests -- eating pussy. The two MILF's waste no time with small talk, and before you know it, they are exploring each others open mouths with their tongues. After rolling around on the bed for a bit, Becca makes the first move and starts kissing her way down Vicki's body. You can tell these two can't get enough of each other, as Vicki grabs Becca's ass cheeks pulling her closer, and Becca humps Vicki's leg while sucking on her soft pillowy tits and big nipples. Becca then kisses her way down lower, parts Vicki's hairy bush, and dives in for some sweet pussy licking. Next Vicki flips over on her hands and knees, sticks her ass in Becca's face, and Becca gets back to eating and fingering Vicki's very wet pussy, and even spends some time licking Vicki's tight butthole. Vicki decides it's her turn to taste Becca, so she flips Becca on her back and starts sucking on Becca's big mommy tits. Vicki then moves down to give Becca's pussy some attention, licking her big clit and tasting her wet hole. She then pushes her finger deep into Becca's pussy, and licks her to an incredible orgasm. Becca then gets off the bed, and as Vicki kneels in front of her, lifts her leg to the side so that Vicki can get her tongue back to work on her wet slit. Vicki laps away at Becca's pussy and asshole, and then fucks Becca's pussy with a dildo while she licks her clit. They then reverse positions, and Becca kneels in front of Vicki, who spreads her bush open for Becca's probing tongue and grabs Becca's hair to pull her in closer as Becca pumps her tongue in and out of Vicki's hole. Becca slides her tongue up and licks Vicki's butthole some more, then pulls out the same dildo that Vicki used on her, and slides it into Vicki's soaking pussy. While pumping Vicki's pussy with the dildo, Becca licks her clit, and both friends are moaning in pleasure until Vicki cums all over the dildo and Becca's tongue. Becca then pulls the dildo out of Vicki's wet hole and deepthroats it just like a cock, making sure to lick up every drop of Vicki's cum.  
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